how to choose between good friends and bad friends


Friends ”  whom to call our friends is a big question?

let us indulge in the conversation. What is the definition of ” friends “? we come across so many people in our lives example in colleges, offices, and everywhere. In this article, we will talk about different types of people as a friend. With whom you call upon may behave nicely when you are around. You can speak badly about your silence. you will soon able to differentiate bad and good friends that not deserve your friendship.


We came cross thousands or millions of people in our lives. Friends are considered as an important part if your life. When you feel low you can go out with your friends to feel fresh. When you suffer from heart break you ask your best friends advice. You even plan your vacations with your friends. Friends become your favourite part of life after mobile and family. Some friends are so good that they teach you lessons even help you by guiding good for your future. When it comes to family the become your family too for your happiness.

But on seeing the bitter reality some friends are just for sake of money and their needs. They are best categorized as false or fake friends. They take away your happiness and put you in darkness. Having false friends makes you feel like you are with someone physically but mentally you are alone from inside. They are best called as mean or selfish friends. They take away your minds and leave you when they are done.

Points to notice

Here are few activities on the basis of which you came to know about the nature or your friends and your circle.

Support – Inside your friend circle of two or three people. You have a habit of sharing your thoughts. Notice your friends nature whether they are supporting your talks by patiently listening to your even bull shit stories. Fake friends do not show their interest in your personal lives. They may be quite and even more neglecting people with negativity.

Reaction to your work – On achieving good in your life good friends celebrate your happiness by making a positive aura around them. Fake friends on other hand are with you at the time of your happiness. When you are in your bad times they hardly recognize you.

Relationship – With good friends you always share a pink-healthy and stable relationship. On being with toxic friends they make you feel the worst on your relationship with them. Sometimes burden also.

Feelings – Internal vibes with your good and true friends will always be fresh and happy. On being with fake ones you feel the worst and bad.

Trust – Good friends trust you blindly while fake ones always feel uncomfortable while sharing some of their important information with you.

Jealous – Your true friend will never get jealous of what you achieve in your life. On other hand fake friends feel jealous even in your small achievements.

Fighting – Good friends fight as well but never end up their relation with you. Fake friends break friendship even on small fights just because of the ego factor.

More about friends 

 How can you test your friend’s honesty only when you are in bad times?

From above we came across some of the important differences that we can notice between good and bad friends.

We know that a friend in need is a friend indeed a real friend will be sincere to you. He will protect you from all possible problems but wait and observe without sharing your secrets until you feel comfortable. All the little secrets keep them with you till you’re comfortable. You are all set to give them an ingredient in friendship’ the faith you must not lose it. Before you slam the identity of faith all others choose a friend who will shed his blood for your sake without a thought. He sacrifices his own sweat only then should he be named your friend otherwise, your relationship is nothing   but transparent deception and lies please don’t get near and steer away from idiots i said idiots as they are unable of functioning like normal human being extremely talkative and uncertain they gossip without any sense of understanding you must be wise and avoid encouraging any beauty and never give him shelter as these are people who will try to have even sexual relationships with your friends women, be very careful when you are along or close to this type of people so all my friends let’s talk about the purity of friendship with examples that we all know the bonding of  Krishna to Sudama the bonding of Arjuna to Krishna and Rama to BBC our friendship for nothingness and no imitation pretty when a son or a   daughter matures in an adult their parents must consider them as their friends a daughter will see the purity of friendship in a mother and a son   will feel the intense friendship from his father.

 So friends fall in friendship that is pink for you. 


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