How to write a book


Do you feel good while writing and pursue writing as your career? You are worried about you that don’t have any formal training as a writer? Still wants to write a book and become a recognized author. Does this thing strike your mind badly that writing s good book takes many years?

You finally came across the right article. This will not only solve your queries but also guides you to be an author within just 9 days by writing a book.

Here we go now,


The first thing to know is, It is not at all important to have a degree in the field of writing (Literature) but it will be good to have the ability to make good use of expressions while writing. You must be friendly to everyone, you must find your own way moreover good in thinking and must be king and queen of his own imagination. Your imagination must be so strong and flexible that it keeps twisting with new emerging angles.

Secondly, if you love to write blogs as stories, music, Shayari then it is high time to pen down your feelings by writing your first book.

Thirdly, If you still unsure about writing start writing with articles or what you feel is your favorite topic to write. Make an Instagram or Facebook page and start posting your work there. Gather traffic and get recognized and afterward gain confidence and start writing a book.

Points to remember –

  • Now the question arises if you write only about the topics you love, but in that case, when the topic which is not known to you and you are asked to write on that let say in a competition then what will you do?

Well, the answer to this question is very obvious,

Whelming nature of the writer even if he or she does not have proper knowledge about the topic. Here a writer is given with a character and situation to play. Now its your turn to play with the character and situation by writing the best context story out of it.

  • Another important point is to start reading books by making it your hobby. It will enlarge your imagination it allows you to create your own perspective this will create strong magical words where you can create and write your own perspective of the story where you are not required to argue with anyone.
  • The authors are the most powerful people in the world. They take over your mind by reaching with their words and stories. Sometimes touchy sometimes motivational they have that kind of power. Because of them, you open your hearts, they are responsible for shaping your thoughts.
  • Keep in mind that if you are the best reader you will be the best author in the world. If you have patience you can achieve your dream by writing a strong story with an extremely new and hot concept. No one can beat you. Being a writer you have the power to create a new world with the words in the story and a writer you have the power to portray that new thoughts and imagination into words.
  • So it is important for writing is to read a lot of books develop an interest in reading first and start writing new concepts. You make a healthy relation with language.
  • Now another question may strike your head be like yes you write but what if the language is not your friend? What if you don’t know how to write particulars?

In simple terms, we can answer this question as, choose your best language in which you can write either English, Hindi, or some other you may choose. Practice by writing blogs, articles for newspapers, participate in debate or other writing competitions and make your language as your writing strength. If you have a potential start utilizing your words and become successful in a very short period of time.

Publishing a Book –

Now coming on to publishing a book!

Once you are over with your writing book, whether fiction, non-fiction, poems, or Shayari, etc it is time to publish your book. But for that, you must find your content unique in terms of words and sense. Your writing can be either prepared in offline mode or make it a soft copy. It is good to have both while you are thinking about publishing it. You can publish a book in two ways-

  1. By finding a publisher
  2. By publishing online without publisher

The first step is to find a publisher. Before finding a publisher keep in mind a few points about your writing is-

  • Your content to write a book.
  • Book title or Book name.
  • Grammatical errors or uniqueness.

Now after this, you will have to find a publisher he or she will make your book under review. This will take a lot more time to get verified and publish afterward. The publication house may or may not approve your book if they do not found it wroth as per their wish list.

Another alternative to publish your book is go to, This is a self-publishing book platform. Create an account their with your credentials.

 Steps for createspace online book publishing-

After adding details about you they ask you to add details about your book that is to be published.

Now next step here is to download the template provided by Createspace as per your mentioned details.

Now copy your content of the book to that template. This platform gives an option to change your cover page of the book and then upload it on their website.

The platform takes 24 hours time to verify that the book meets up the desired requirements or not. Do not rely on grammar check on them. On reviewing they will send you a mail stating information about your book status.

Before making a book live they provide you the options related to the price of the book. They will cost 30 % of the book. If suppose the price of the book is $7.99 then you will get $ 1.99 out of the total.

So stay tuned guys publish your book and share your experience with us. Mail us for other queries on our official email- [email protected]


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