corona affecting you and your car
corona affecting you and your car


I am going to give you some important tips on the COVID-19 diseases so-called CORONA. The virus is a global pandemic that too infecting over a lot of people around the world. The flicks spreading the virus is causing concern to all of us about how to sanitize the surfaces around us.


So what you should do about a vehicle you have rented, share a taxi. I will help you with this concern so how to clean and sanitize your car. 


let us discuss how this virus might serve the disease which can spread from person to person. That can spread when an infected person coughs like seals. Check it out these droplets can fall on all surfaces around anything. If you are nearby such area if you touch your eyes, nose or mouth the person will be infected guys


let’s talk about the virus spreading in the vehicle the CARARE that easily target to transport this virus grounders. Wonderful areas, interiors of the cars normally contains so many different kinds of surfaces. Such as leather, plastic, rubber, metal, etc. The virus spread with an infected passenger who has also touched the surface even after moving out of the space.

The virus can persist in the air right for up to three hours and for two to three days. It can remain on stainless steel and plastic surfaces as per the studies. Another study has confounded the virus can survive on surfaces like metal, glass, plastic for up to 90 days. Oh, my God, that’s a real concern though.

It is now becoming a matter of concern. Especially for children and elderly people over the age of 60. A major concern for those having hypertension, diabetic patients, cardiovascular diseases, chronic respiratory diseases, and cancers. They have a higher risk of severe diseases and death. They come in contact with a number of passengers that can be a source of infecting. Here we have to focus on cleanliness and hygiene. Certain companies are taking extra steps to keep the vehicles sanitized but will that be possible all the time now. Stop trusting especially in those cases that are not done in front of your eyes.

Responsibilities and Conclusions

Let us make a pledge and follow our hygiene rules. Always carry your essential protective things like masks, gloves, sanitizers, and extra clothes. Please read the article carefully to get proper information guys to remember.

We all know the good times become good memories and the bad times become good lessons. This is a fight against COVID-19 versus humans. We won’t take the defeat and neither will be allowed. A virus attacks our race which has lived for many years and slow and are the sons of the mother nature. We need to love and protect each other until no entity can defeat you. You know your family as a belief. You will never give up the fight last without the least patience persistence respiration make an unbeatable combination of success.

So stay safe, stay healthy and for more information you can mail us on our e-mail- [email protected]


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