Android TV
Android TV


After updating Android for mobiles now Google has confirmed that Android 11 soon be available on Tv. It is a confirmed report from Google that Android Tv devices will soon get an update with the new Android 11. This will improve the performance and privacy of upcoming launches.


Tv which is soon getting confirmation about the Android 11 update. The Coocaa Smart LED TV with a 55-inch screen and quality of 4k Ultra HD Android Tv which gets an update just after Android mobile devices. Technology beast has confirmed to launch this Android 11 in TV devices to make privacy and performance better. Also, the newly launch Tv will provide you with high-performance developer tools and new features can be seen too.


Some of the new Features I come to know about are:-

For gaming latency mode is installed. It provides game pad hardware support and more privacy features that help in the Tv control device microphone and speakers. As I study, there will be no change in visual performance, and Google also not confirmed any update about it.

The best update ever in Tv history, Android 11 for Android TV will also help developers to test newly launched applications on big Tv screens and improve their performance. The words said by Wolfram Klein, product manager of

Android Tv, said that there can be a huge change in Android Tv if we work on its core Android. In recent updates, memory management can be seen, performance will be better and of course, privacy is improved with adding One Time Permission feature like OTP, which will make Tv access faster and safer.

However, we know when a new update reported by Google it takes time by Tv makers to publish changes in their products, but Android 11 Tv can be seen in the Market soon. Every company trying to create a small beta version update of Android 11 in their Mobile devices. Time may be taken to get a stable update.

Let’s take a look at Google Android 11 updates on mobile devices. Google has added many new features like conversion separation( which will keep the conversion separate from every other work ). That shows you can give a priority to conversion notifications. This update is firstly seen on the Facebook messenger bubble update. Whenever you receive a message on Facebook messenger a new bubble icon appears on your screen of a smartphone. In the same procedure, the Android 11 update for smartphones will have a new bubble pop-up feature.

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