Samsung New M Series
Samsung New M Series

The company Samsung announced to launch soon two Galaxy M series smartphones this year. According to the Samsung report I studied, the company is working hard on the new Edition mobiles M425F and SM-127F, which are launching soon with the names as Samsung Galaxy M42 and M12s as respective.

If we talk about Samsung, we can’t forget that Samsung is regularly launching new devices and mobiles to cover up the Gadget market in his year of pandemic. In this article, I talked about the new launching announced by Samsung which are the two new Galaxy M series mobile phones. Samsung working to make its popular series better.

As per my sources, the company will launch these two mobiles till the end of the year 2020, and also according to Samsung report, the company is working hard on the new Edition mobiles M425F and SM-127F, which are launching soon. The model number of the upcoming mobiles are Samsung Galaxy M42 and M12s as respective.

The names Samsung Galaxy M42 and M12s are not yet confirmed by the company. However, this information is only provided on the basis of the report, SM-M425F can be named by Galaxy M42. On the other end, SM-127F can be named by Galaxy M12s.

However, we can also say that the model number can be the name of two upcoming devices. As you can see there is’ in both the model number so, it is confirmed that the new launch will be of Galaxy M series.

Names and specifications possibility

After looking at the old models Samsung M10s and M10, Samsung firstly revealed their model number as SM-M107F and SM-105F respectively. Similarly, they revealed the module number of new upcoming launch devices as SM-425F and SM-127F.

This shows us that The 5F number will be launch as a normal variant and at the same time, the 7F model number device will be launched as ‘s’ version of the Galaxy M series upcoming mobile.

If we talk about the specification, then SM-425F can be launch with having 128 GB of Rom with a 64 Megapixel primary camera. On the other end, if we talk about other versions there is no information provided by Samsung.

Samsung model number SM-425F will cost as a mid-range mobile while, another version is an entry-level mobile in the market ( Budget phone). After completing the hardware, Samsung now started to work on the software and will be launching these two mobiles in the Indian market.

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