Acer Swift 3
Acer Swift 3

The coming generation is all about the technological advancement and one such spectacular innovation is of LAPTOPS . Now a days almost everyone uses one and has become an integral part of our lifestyles as its very lightweight and portable as compared to computers which cannot be carried everywhere and during this uncertain times like on going pandemic laptops are used in wide rang for work related tasks , children online classes and specially for entertainment like Netflix are all done mostly via laptops.
With this merit work the companies have now started making laptops with latest technology that has latest processors to meet the customers satisfaction and with one such advanced technology a Taiwanese PC brand has made a new gen laptop known as Acer SWIFT 3 that has all the requirement to meet public demand and ease their work in no time.

Cost Of Acer Swift 3

Acer swift 3 is particularly a worthy choice for an youngster in this new normal phase of our life .Its a mixture of speed , efficiency and power to meet the requirements of users .It is powered by latest 10 gen Intel core I 5 processor and also has an 17 hours of battery life as in the new normal many are spending time on these .It has screen ratio of 3:2 which is quite not common .The price offered is approximately Rs 64,999 which is very worthy in this era .

It is very compatible to the user to work on it whether they are desk bounded employees or the students who are constantly active on these tops working their projects or assignments.

The Acer swift 3 is co- engineered with Intel as part of the chip makers project Athena innovation program ,the laptop comes with 10 gen Intel core processing feature including Intel iris plus graphics These powerful technologies are inbuilt in the laptop for its powerful fluent work for both the work and entertainment oriented users with 17 hours of non –stop productivity as mentioned above.

Something About Looks

Looks wise the swift 3 laptop is quite a thing to use and adore .Its speciality is in its slimness or thinness body which is 15.95 mm in height and the laptop is quite light which is very easy to carry around weighting around just 1.19 kg. Along with the slimness the laptop is very stylish to carry and meet the coming era competition .It made from aluminum and magnesium- aluminum metal chassis that is supported by a silver and reflects Acer logo in the center.

The laptop has been tapped from both the sides making it look magnificent .The taped sides are thick towards the rear where it houses your favorite ports and then slowly and gradually becomes thinner. It has a smooth and very comfortable backlift keyboard that is very comfortable and easy to use . The keys are very amusingly or satisfyingly click and springy.The laptop is easy to go with the user at any time which is very impressive and it can be your virtual companion too

Visuals Acer Swift 3

Coming up to the next feature – the visuals , The laptop has real life like appearance to the user as while operating the user will not be able to differentiate between the reel and the real life , it gives an complete real life visions with its vibrant colors and details that bring images and videos to life .Though THERE IS USE OF THIN BEZELS WITH A SCREEN –TO-BODY RATIO OF PTO 84% WHICH ENABLES THE USERS TO SEE MORE CLEARLY the 13.5-inch 3:2 2256 x 1540 IPS display. The laptop screen is one of the most handsome screen all around due to its attractive offerings and color options . The laptop includes the latest color intelligence by Acer.

This is a complete package of lot of powers into the black box as mentioned above it has accommodation of latest 10 gen Intel core processors featuring Intel iris plus graphics that ensure the excellent performance for work and play to the users. The laptop includes a maximum of 1 TB PCle gen 3 x 4 SSD and upto 16 GB LPDDR4X RAM. Its really excellent of the ones who are always on a goo to move measure with a powerful battery backup to ensure that you can work for longer hours as compared to other laptops without constant recharging. In case of emergency , it can also be fast- charged to provide up to four hours of use on just 30 minute charge.

Accommodating many features it has a special feature know as wow, that stands for wake on voice feature that enable the users to activate the laptop and query windows 10 when the screen is off. The device is in modern standby mode which allows the user to intract with cortana .On the top of that it has password free access that gives users an quick and easy access to the laptop. It has finger print sensors that enables the user to have an easy access and secure the details and highly concern the privacy policy of the user. It has Microsoft intelligent personal digital assistant helps you be on time for task and meeting schedules and syncs with multiple devices.

An ideal choice

The device is an ideal in its own terms and will be known for its smoother function and versatile work performance . The laptop comes in a beautiful design that will make you proud when you carry it on your go . It has set many new standards in the competitive market giving challenges to the growing firms in the technological field . The laptop will ease your day to day work procedure and with its magnificent features. It features an attractive display , the latest in Intel technology with great battery life . Many youngsters will be attracted towards this device as it performs many functions of their interest like photo editing , video editing, gaming, content creating , provide high visuals to watch videos ,web series even gives you an different experience.


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