If you have seen the MDH spice add on TV, then you must have also seen Dharam Pal Gulati. Yes, same grandfather. Dharmapala, known as the King of Spices, has studied only up to the fourth grade. Today he is 96 years old.

He was born in Sialkot, Pakistan. Dharampal’s father Chunni Lal started with a small spice shop ‘Mahashian Di Haat‘, in the year 1919. Dharampal left his studies midway to help his father. Dharmapala was in the fifth grade then. During the time, when India and Pakistan were divided, Chunni Lal came to India with his son Dharam Pal and the whole family. Stayed here for a few days at the Refugee Camp in Amritsar. Then Dharampal came to Delhi in search of work. Here was his niece’s house.

Dharampal’s father Chunni Lal gave him 1500 rupees before leaving for Delhi. He invested 650 rupees out of the 1,500 rupees taken from his father to buy a horse carriage and started carrying passengers from Connaught Place to Kag Bagh. Few days hence when some money was collected, Dharampal also sold that horsecar and bought a small shop on Ajmal Khan Road. Dharampal resumed his family’s old business. He started selling spices.
Dharampal says that Karol Bagh was very sacred and auspicious for him, so he would never go there wearing a chappal or a shoe. He believes that his business at this place saw success, tasted its taste. In 1953, as soon as Dharampal did his business, he took another shop in Chandni Chowk. However, he had rented this shop. After this Dharampal decided in the year 1959 that he would open a spice factory in Kirti Nagar and in the same year he started the factory by purchasing a plot in Kirti Nagar. In this way, Mahashian Di Hatti Limited (MDH) started.

MDH has become a well-known brand in the spices world. Not only in India but also its spices are exported to countries like Switzerland, Japan, America, Canada, etc. It is one of the largest spice companies in the world. The company produces 50 different types of spices.

At this age of 96 years, Dharampal takes all the necessary decisions of the company himself. Dharampal believes that there are three reasons for taking his company forward – honest work, quality products, and affordable prices. 80% of the company’s stakeholder Dharampal still goes to the factory and market every day, so that it can be assured that all things are being done correctly.

Apart from his company, Dharampal also runs Monsieur Chunni Lal Charitable Trust. This trust runs a hospital where there are 250 beds. Apart from this, it also runs a mobile hospital to provide health services in the trust village and slum area. Not only this, but four schools are also run under it, which also helps in meeting the economic needs of the needy people.


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