Business worth crores made from shoes shop


There was not a huge amount in the pocket, but the intention was strong. With this strong intention, Satya Prasad Roy Burman started the business at the age of 18 from a small shoe store that has reached crores of rupees. Today, the shoe company Khadim India is giving competition to the country’s largest company Bata. Let us tell you that Khadim India has planned to raise 543 crore rupees through IPO. Let’s know how Khadim India became a company of crores.

Used to do shoes shop:

Satya Prasad Roy Burman lived in Kolkata. One day he quarreled and reached Mumbai from his home. There, he worked for a few days at a shoe store. In 1965, he came back home and bought a small shop of KM Khadim in Chitpur. The foundation of the business empire was laid from here.

Clicked Idea:

While selling shoes, he realized that if cheap and good shoes are made, then there will be a good response in the market. His idea clicked and he became the biggest wholesale businessman not only in West Bengal but also in the eastern part of India.

Satya Prasad Burman’s company Khadim is a hit among middle-class families. Here entire family shoes and slippers are available at cheap prices. This means that they had already tested the market well. Let us tell you that the size of the footwear market in India is 40 thousand crores rupees. (Photo source-Khadim India official website)

By the year 1980, the growth of Burman’s company started accelerating. At the same time, Siddharth Roy Burman, elder son of Satya Prasad Roy Burman, also joined the company. After this, the company’s growth got wings. In 1992, he appointed an advertising agency for his brand Meteor. This company made an advertising film for the company for 3.5 lakh rupees.

The first retail stores opened in 1993:

He then started three retail stores in Kolkata city in the year 1993. These stores received tremendous response. After this, the company entered the Tamil Nadu market. The company currently has 853 branded exclusive retail stores in 23 states and a union territory.

Became a multi-million company: Footwear company Khadim India Limited is working towards making its sub-brands a premium brand. The company’s purpose behind this is to increase the revenue, growth, and margin of its parent brand. Khadim has nine sub-brands, including British Walkers, Lazard, Clio, Sharon, and SoftTouch. As of 31 March 2017, the share of these sub-brands was Rs 256 crore in total revenue of Rs 456 crore.

Satya Prasad Roy Burman died on 7 December 2013 at the age of 83, but his started company has now become a big brand in the country. (Photo source-Khadim India official website) Satya Prasad Roy Burman died, but his started company has now become a big brand in the country.


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