During school days he used to sell newspapers. Newspaper earnings easily eased his upper expenses. At the age of 11, he made his first investment. The game of stock fluctuations started to overwhelm him. Business continued with studies. Profit increased with investment in large companies one after the other. On seeing this he became the richest person in the world. But this owner of uncountable wealth has no qualms about his richness. To say that he is the richest businessman in the world, but the style of living is very simple. Probably because he was concerned about the common people. So he pledged to help the needy. One of the world’s largest donors is named Warren Buffett. Warren Buffett was born on August 30, 1930 in Nebraska, USA. There were three siblings in the family. His father Howard Buffett was a stockbroker. Used to walk home easily. But Warren was self-supporting from the beginning. He did not want the burden of his overheads to fall on his father.

So, he became a hawker during school days. He used to deliver newspapers to homes before going to school in the morning. With this, his pocket money was easily removed. Mother Leila Stahl Buffett used to take care of the house. He never objected to the son’s parttime job. One day Warren went to the stock market with his father. He witnessed the glories of the stock market for the first time. Warren was overwhelmed by the falling prices of the stock and the thrill of brokers over it. He found this business quite interesting. Then he often went to the stock market with his father. Warren bought the first share at the age of 11. The price per share was $ 38. This was his first investment. On the very next day of purchase, the share price decreased to $ 27. Warren became depressed. The father advised to wait a few days. A few days later the share price rose to $ 40. Warren quickly sold his shares. But a few days later the price of the same share rose to $ 200. Now Warren was beginning to understand the specifics of the stock market. His interest in business started growing with studies.

Warren was confirmed from the beginning. He used to solve mathematics questions in a pinch. When it came to presenting the details of losses and profits, everyone would have remembered Warren Buffett. At the age of just 13, he started a newspaper sales business. Interest in business was increasing, but Warren understood the importance of education very much. So he continued his studies with business. At the age of 20, Warren enrolled at Columbia Business School. Here he met Benjamin Graham, a well-known securities analyst at the time. Warren got to learn a lot from Graham. Meanwhile, in 1952, at the age of 22, Warren married Susan Thomson. Two years later, Graham hired Warren in his company. Here Warren was paid $ 12,000 per year. After Graham retired in 1956, Warren returned to his home town of Omaha. Here he formed a company named Buffett Partnership Limited. At the age of 32, he became a millionaire. In 1965 he took full control of the Berkshire Hathaway Company. He was just 35 years old then.

There was a series of profits with one big investment after another. Warren never looked back. Warren was always conscious of his friends and advisors. Warren says what kind of person you are, it will be determined by how people are around you. These people have an important role in your progress and destruction. In 2008, Warren Buffett had total assets of $ 62 billion. Forbes called him the richest person in the world. He is the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway Company. But Warren Buffett never doubted his success and wealth. Warren does not like showing off at all. He keeps himself away from the bliss. He still lives in the same simple house in Omaha that he bought in 1958 for just $ 31,500. This house has only three bedrooms. The owner of the vast wealth, Warren himself never travels by private jet. He believes that a human being should do only what he likes. Warren Buffett says, choose work so that as soon as you wake up in the morning, feel like reaching office quickly. If you go to work with impunity, you will never succeed.

Warren has always tried to live the life of an ordinary person. They believe that happiness cannot be bought with money. His hobbies are very simple. He loves to walk barefoot along the sea amidst the setting sun. He is relieved to see people coming and going to the coffee shop. Warren says, in the simple moments of life there are immense joys hidden. Comparing others to the tune of earning more from them can never satisfy you.

Warren always tried to help others, earning money and fame. In the midst of business engagements, he kept himself attached to social concerns. In 2006, Warren decided to donate his property. He announced to donate 83 percent of his wealth to the Bill & Milinda Gates Foundation. Time magazine ranked him among the hundred influential people in the world. Medical tests in April 2012 showed that Warren Buffett had cancer. But after five months of successful treatment, Warren won the battle with cancer. Even at the age of 83, he keeps himself busy in office and social work.


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