The child came out of a very dark world and reached school. A world where even rest at night was forbidden. There were so many atrocities, sins and crimes in front of the eyes that for many days sleep was blown away. It is said that when the night is darker, its shadows hover over the day. This is what used to happen to that 12-year-old child. As soon as dawn, a loud and domineering grandmother started to growl, then had to get ready for school in the morning. As soon as sitting in the city bus, the cool air would get so relaxed that the eye would get caught and the school bus stop would go back. On the other hand, Madam would have called twice during her attendance at school. I thought that that poor black child was late again.

When the first period was half over, the child was knocked into the classroom. The rest of the children smiled upon seeing him and the teacher would ask the reason for the delay. The child was also innocent, he did not like to hide anything. He took his hand round and said, “Teacher, got out of the house at the right time … was evicted, but on the other hand, what happened to sleep, the bus got ahead of school.” It used to be that four would come on someone’s face, and eight would come on someone’s face. It was not a matter of a day, it was almost daily fun.

The school’s qaeda used to say that the teacher should immediately punish, erect, or get the chickens or take them to the principal, but she was a teacher. To be taken to the principal meant that the child would lose his school. In some of the previous schools, education was missed on one or the other excuse. Somehow that child had reached the sixth grade. Getting rid of such children is a gesture for teachers. Where does a teacher have so much time to give a chance to recognize and craft the skills of a weak-troubled child in life?

The child had met such a merciless teacher till now and as a result, he was misguided. However, despite his disorientation, that child was a big tickle, leaving no chance to make other children laugh. The teacher had noticed this fun of him.

That good teacher Margaret Yings Parkar thought of a solution. He made a contract with the child, ‘If you come to school on time, every Friday I will give you ten minutes to make my class laugh.’ This offer was both a contract and a temptation. The child became happy after listening, got something to do in life. Otherwise, who gives the students in school a chance to laugh and that too as a punishment? Is it punishment or honor?

However, that child, that is, the art of Richard Pryor, was duly given the stage by Mamatamayi Teacher Parker. Rarely did the child reach school late after that. Not only in his class but also in school he became an identity. At times, he started to make people laugh with his small comic-sarcastic lines. People did not know then how dangerous he comes from the world. From a world where humans and humanity are not valued. Where life and body are sold. Where Pryor himself was a salesman and father was a broker. Dadi used to run a kotha, the business was such that she used to keep a knife in a blouse and later put a pistol in her socks. Do not discuss two sweet words or laughter and do not mention the name of the study. Prior came from a place where the gap between life and crime was absent. Where there was a lot of beating and wounds were found at every step.

Never, with a severed lip bowing his head, was the teacher sitting unhappily speaking to the priests, “O devil boy, where are you hanging, let’s get up.” Study done today. Come in front and show the class a little laugh. ”He is said to have the power to laugh despite being immersed in pain and sorrow, he is the real jester. Later, Pryor (1940–2005) was called the greatest comedian in the world. Shine from TV and dominate films. King Richard Pryor of stand-up comedy never met that teacher again, but never forgot him. In life, he made a more expensive contract than a laugh, but the first contract with the teacher was unmatched.


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