The world of colors is unique and every color is unique, but alas, then there was a big cry of colors in the human world. Colors did not distinguish humans, but humans used to do a lot of color. Step by step, there was such a trap of black and white that only blacks were bled under his clutches. This was a moment-to-moment task, first look at your color, then others and then find a fixed place for your color. Returning from the office in Montgomery, USA that day, the white bus boarded the fifth row and beyond, leaving the front four rows fixed for whites in the city bus. The next bus whitewashed into the bus so much that not only their seats were filled, but four white people had to stand. According to the custom, such a glare that white standing and black sitting? The bus driver gave a decree to the blacks, ’empty four seats’.

The three blacks immediately stood up, but Rosa Parks not only sat, but also sat firmly on the seat near the window. The driver then said, ‘You didn’t hear, I said, leave the seat’. Rosa said, ‘I am sitting on my seat, you check, this is not a white seat.’ The driver said, “I am speaking, vacate the seats for the whites”. But Roja’s courage was not ready for agreement. Thinking while sitting, the more you keep leaning, the more they continue to tilt. While bowing, many times feel that life is creeping up, raising head is also bad. Come on, today we know whether we are human or not, or what is our status as a citizen in the country? It was a very cold evening of the first date of December of 1955 and Rosa laid a blanket of might. She was not tired of working in office, tired of giving up her right to life. He flatly refused to get up. The driver came down on the threat, ‘If I don’t get up, I will call the police’. But this threat was also lost in front of Roja’s courage. The more charged the white there, the more excited the blacks were. White was led by the driver. He was proud that he had set the mind of good blacks! Humiliation of blacks was an everyday thing for him. He probably did not notice that he even lynched Roja once.

That was the incident 12 years ago. Rosa climbed into the bus of this driver from next door. Sitting with the ticket, the driver reminded that you cannot sit by the front door, get down and come through the back door. After drinking a sip of insult, Rosa came down the next door to climb through the back door that the driver pushed the bus forward. It was raining outside then. Heart wept when waiting for the next bus to get wet, and today, after so many years, I was brought up by the same driver. As a result, the police came, forcibly grabbed and lifted him from the seat. Rosa objected by screaming, “What are you doing wrong?” Do you have the right? ‘The policeman replied,’ I can’t do anything, the law of the city is like that ‘. Not a single argument of democracy, goodness, religion, humanity was useful. Police arrested Roja and took him off the bus.

On landing, the bus left from the front such that the school days were remembered. Buses from school were run for white children, while black children used to watch those buses passing by. Helplessness and frustration seemed to hurt. Black children used to walk for many kilometers. They used to read the sufferings and insults so that they can create better conditions for themselves in future. Today, when the police were taking them away, Rosa had all the wounds of discrimination in her heart.

This was the beginning of a new independence revolution in America. Not only Rosa Parks (1913–2005), the pain of each black was condensed. Blacks have decided to never board discriminatory city buses. The strike for not boarding the bus started. Poor blacks also started walking 20–20 kilometers to the office showing thumbs to buses calling white horns. It took hardly a year. The court was forced to remove discrimination on the decree of the court. The whole country considered Rosa iron. The US Congress respected Rosa as “The First Lady of Civil Rights” and “The Mother of Freedom Movement”.


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