There was no one in the world except mother. Every moment the mother was waiting, not knowing when she will return, how nice it will be. It was during those waiting days that her clothes bundle came with a message that she would never return. The surrounding air was also stunned by disbelief. Suddenly, the thoughts started flowing slowly in the mind, stoned with sadness and thought that perhaps the mother had realized, would not have to meet again, then she explained a lot on the go,

‘Son, if I never see you again, I want you to tie some things that I have told you before. In this world you have to prepare your own path and to do this you have to make friends. By being honest you can make friends and by being firm you can keep them together. You must remember that those who will be friends of work, in the long run, will expect the same from you as you give them. Forgetting responsibility or being ungrateful of kindness is a fundamental basis of crime. It is not a mistake or a sin, it is a real crime. Those who are guilty of this, have to suffer sooner. Be polite in personal behavior, but never flatter. No one will respect you more than you will. Avoid any quarrel, unless you are very compelled. Keep your effort intact. Never hurt anyone’s feelings. Never resent your feelings. If you ever want to express your feelings or save your respect, do so in peace. If you are angry, do not move forward until your anger subsides. ‘

In the heart of that boy standing with a bundle of clothes in his hand, the bundle of mother’s advice was being disintegrated. The boy was also a revolutionary at that time of the Americans engaged in conflict with the British Army and the Redhead. Before his birth, the father had gone on to work excessively. After that the elder brother Huff was martyred in the civil war. He too joined the British Army a few months ago with his brother Robert. Both brothers were in jail. Small pox infection occurred in the jail, all the prisoners got wrapped up, it was felt that no one will be left anymore. But even then, the mother had reached the sons taking the risk and somehow rescued them from jail. The boy was heartbroken by remembering such a strong single mother.

He remembered how to reach home after traveling 65 kilometers from the jail. There was no time for the motor. Mother knew that 65 km distance could not be crossed on foot in sickness. He juggled two horses, almost lying on the elder son Robert on one and seated himself on the other. Relatively, something told his 13-year-old son that you have to go home on foot.

Those were cold winter days. The British tore the shoes and jackets in the prison itself, so that the prisoners who were returned home would die. There was no food in the stomach, no clothes on the body. On the horse, the condition of the half-brother was getting worse and the mother sat with full force, so that the morale of the children would remain. Keep telling something in between, so that the journey is cut.

Returning from that difficult journey, it was difficult to get up from bed. The next day the brother got up and left forever. Mother’s persistence remained still. She started and managed to save her youngest and only boy. As soon as the son got well, the revolutionary mother went out in search of her beloved nephews in the conflict zone and now returned their clothes.

This moment Andrew Jackson could not forget for a lifetime. He was orphaned at the age of 14. Father, mother, two brothers, all left. Everyone’s luck was bad, but Jackson’s luck was not only good but unmatched. He managed to sit on America’s biggest pedestal one day, rising from the morass of poverty. He used to remember his mother often even in the meeting of big people, ‘Mother’s last words have been like a law in my life. At one time I had nothing, I had none, then my mother’s words were my earnings and from this capital I prepared my way ‘.


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