HOLLYWOOD, CA - JUNE 28: Robert Downey Jr. attends the premiere of Columbia Pictures' "Spider-Man: Homecoming" at TCL Chinese Theatre on June 28, 2017 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

As long as life is in your grip, everything is fine, but if it goes under the grip of a drug, then it is not your well. You will feel that your rein is in your hands, you will also act as confident, but your real direction will go into the hands of evils. Such strong evils, which will pull you away from the mainstream of life and bring you to the margins. The total truth is that your colony is on fire and you are cool. The society is counting your shortcomings, the law is registering your crime, and relatives, friends and friends are gradually being cut.

In those days it used to be difficult to distinguish whether this Hollywood actor is running after a drunk or a drug addict. In most cases, friends and friends are hurt, but here only the father had put a drug addiction. At a very young age, father-son love was embraced by each other on the dark stage of intoxication. His father was an actor as well as an addict, his life was also haphazard, but in the match, his honor was proving to be one and a quarter. Almost as many good films in life, almost as many times had to go to jail under the influence of intoxication. In between, some attempts to get rid of intoxication had also failed. Such a foundation of addiction was formed in life that all were failing to break it. Once upon a time, after getting out of jail, no one was ready to take any guarantee, was not ready to give work. After getting upset, the wife had given a notice of divorce, but was not ready to give up the addiction, all else may be left out.

Then Zindagi gave a chance, got a film guaranteed by a big actor and befriended Suzanne, a highly organized woman as a producer. Found someone who was very professional as well as good for heart. In the upper luster, love moved forward. But by the time of the shooting of that film, the actor was exposed. For the simple-minded Suzanne, the whole truth was nothing short of a shock. A big mistake was made, did not know the truth of the drug and fell in love. The records of the jails and de-addiction centers were not known and sentiments to build their own. Suzanne immediately uttered the decree, ‘Can’t walk like this. If I want to be with me, all this is not possible at all.
There will be people who approve of their partner with drugs. There will also be those who are intoxicated or addicted to drugs, or are intoxicated for their partner, but here a fellow is found who refuses to walk with intoxication. If you intend to move along, then give up the addiction. No one had put such a condition in front of that actor till date. Suzanne was so adamant that all the windows and doors of the shed were closed. Life has come to a decisive turn, whether to move ahead in the mainstream or to be left alone on the margins. Suzanne is only one, gone, as if it was born too. With great luck, tainted like me have got, let go of life, what would be so stupid?

All is well Suzanne’s warning brought color. Probably around July 4, 2003, actor ie Robert Downey Jr. handed over the substance to the ocean forever. Robert had come to know that life has to be done by walking with Suzanne, if you keep on going with drugs, then only darkness will come, cry a lot and the world will just laugh. Promised Suzanne and herself not to turn back into the darkest darkness. Enough messing up

In a few days the result was revealed, the world saw Robert’s second appearance as an actor and human being. Personal life was organized in such a way that even the films started to look bright. There was so much happiness and wealth that Robert felt like a new born. The fear of losing an honest partner proved life by proving that no matter how colorful the evil is, it is ultimately useless. The pairing of Robert and Suzanne is an example today. The world today recognizes Robert as ‘Iron Man’, but the credit goes to his steely intentions. Today, his steely intention is a message to all the youth of the world, ‘Remember, if you have fallen down, it does not mean that you have to stay there’….


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