Fear was worse There was a sweat in the sky even amidst strong winds. A very big thread was being spread towards the east with its wings spread and a human trapped in its wings was forced. There was nothing in the hands of a man trembling between the wings. Jumping and running away, looking down was also bad. At a very high altitude in the sky, the bird sometimes turned here, sometimes it turned there, but the total journey was towards the east. A better person is bound to the door of hope, he thinks that at some time this incident will land me or it can happen, if I come down a little, then I will jump. For a long time, the wind blew and started flying towards the east on a dense green unique country and then slowly coming to the ground, it allowed the person to land. As soon as the human descended, the wind flew again. Humans’ troubles never end, one trouble has occurred, and the other has started harassing that Ruparda is leaving. The terrified man started calling loudly, O O Rnderde, O Yayawar, listen, wait, don’t leave me here in the unknown area… Wait… Stop….

… and that person got up, the dream broke. Whoever saw this dream about 700 years ago, the world today recognizes it as Ibn Battuta. This had been happening here for a few days, whenever the sleep came, this dream would return and when the dream broke, the sleep would fly away. Why does it come? Well, that night this dream came in Alexandria, Egypt, when Ibn Batuta was resting on the roof of the camp of a Sufi Sheikh Murshidi. It is said that good saints wake up so that the world can sleep properly. When the dream broke, Sheikh Murshidi was still awake, he was stirred, and with a voice he asked Batuta, “What happened? Is everything alright? ”Batuta was also waiting. Heard a series of recurring dreams and asked, ‘Huzoor, tell me what is this dream?’ Sheikh Murshidi said with a smile, “You have to go to the east.” Your steps and stops on that side are recorded in your destiny? ”Batuta’s eyes widened in surprise,” East, means Asia … India …? “Sheikh smiled and said,” If you don’t go, maybe your dream and your The tradition of the dream will not let you rest.

It is worth noting that at the same time, Batuta got another Sufi saint Burham-al-Din in Alexandria. If the discussion went, the country reached the east. The shining in the saint’s eyes while talking about the east has become unmatched. He had roamed all over the east. The saint said to Batuta, ‘Looks like you have a great interest in traveling far and wide. So listen, when you reach Sindh, meet my brother Rukonuddin, meet brother Fariduddin in India and when you reach China, you will meet brother Burhanuddin there. To tell them my condition, say, I miss a lot. ‘

Batuta’s heart rejoiced with joy that he is a wonderful saint, watching the world and praying that I too can see the world. Life seems to have found its purpose. Ibn Battuta was born in Tangier, Morocco in 1304 AD. In 1325 he left home for Hajj. He had reached Alexandria after traveling 3,500 kilometers in about a year, yet Mecca-Medina was quite far. Sometimes on a donkey, sometimes a horse, sometimes a camel, sometimes by boat and sometimes on foot, sometimes alone, sometimes with a caravan. When he reached Mecca and Medina, he remained there for two-three years, but those moments of Alexandria, the saint always encouraged him to go to the east and one day he left.

In the same way, as the bird turned around, it landed in the east. As if they had feathers in their feet. Reached India around 1332. This was the same country where the dream lover used to take them off again and again. He was a very good family qazi. The Sultan in Delhi became Qazi in the court of Muhammad bin Tughluq. Here he spent eight best years of his life and then from here he left for China, moving around the same way. Finally returned home after 30 years of journey. He visited 44 countries and traveled more than 120,000 kilometers. On the orders of the Sultan of Morocco, he kept narrating the whole story of his long journey for about two years, which Ibn Juje wrote. The book was made – Rehla i.e. travel, in which the Sufi saint and the dream of Khwab are recorded.


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