We are engaged in civilizations. In these centuries countless drops of blood, sweat and tears have come, only then has the strong stream of humanity gone. In such a stream of humanity, the city of France, Paris, today is one of the best cities in the world, but Paris was once a stronghold of barbarism. A crowd of about 15,000 gathered in an open space there that morning. Sometimes there was silence, sometimes there was an uproar. Eyes repeatedly turned towards the young man who was surrounded by soldiers. In the crowd, intermittent whispers spread that he was a marauder, a murderer, seems normal by appearance, but if the deeds are bad, the soldiers are caught. The judge has pronounced the verdict and the crowd is busy watching the spectacle of punishment.

Suddenly the silence deepens, a shrill scream echoes, a sharp sword moves and the young man’s head falls off the ground to the ground. Some people are able to see, some steal eyes, and some immediately emerge. Young Tolstoy is also in the same crowd, young man Tolstoy. Neck came down in a moment! Even after getting down, the eyes kept looking for a while, the torso piled up and for some time was tormented to perfection. Is this humanity? Are these people called humans? Did Christ crucify him with his forehead? A strange pain of Leo

Stayed in the veins and stayed. The heart kept asking again and again, did he bring the show? The mind was comforting, had never seen the spectacle of such punishment, that’s why we came, there was experience. Dil asks, presuming he was a criminal, but he would also have a son, brother, husband or father. The mind is stubborn, the law is blind and the only criminal who commits the crime. Heart longing, this is rudeness, such punishment and that too openly? The mind explains, so that everyone can see and learn the lesson. On that day the crowd went out seeing the spectacle, but as if Leo stayed there. I do not know, the spectacle used to return again or Leo himself used to return to that spectacle again and again. Overall, the punishment-a-death was such that it did not come back.

It must have been some day in the year 1857, the war of humanity and rationality that began in the heart and mind of 28-year-old Leo gave the world a great donor, philanthropist and litterateur. Leo was a Russian soldier, had fought a war. Although his mind was not ready for war. When left out of the war, he left for Europe, reached Paris, saw a barbaric spectacle. Leo could not forget the name of the robber-killer, his name was Francis Richex. Leo wrote in his diary, “I got up at seven in the morning and went to see a public punishment-a-death. A bodybuilder, white, with a high neck and a tight chest kissed a religious scripture and then … death.

How insensitive…? I could not find any strong belief behind it. I am not a man of politics. I know of morality and art, love and understanding. The guillotine (a way of beheading) made me sleep and the barbus kept returning to my mind. That spectacle left such an impression on me that I would not forget. I have witnessed horrors many times in war. It would not have been as dangerous if a man had been torn to pieces in my presence in war, but here, under simple and elegant arrangements, he killed a strong, healthy man in a moment. Desperate and arrogant desire to obey the law of God. Justice is decided by lawyers, each of whom considers himself to be upheld by honor, religion and truth. Many such rules made by man are nonsense. The truth is that the state is not only for exploitation, but also mainly a conspiracy to corrupt its citizens … For me the rules of politics are terrible lies … I believe this at least Relieves me to some extent. After this, neither will I ever go to see such a thing nor will I ever serve any government. ‘

He became devoted to social service. Whatever he earned by writing a book, he donated it. Inspired by Leo’s pain towards politics, Mahatma Gandhi and many veteran leaders wrote a new history of civilization with the politics of truth-love-non-violence. In France, the spectacle of such punishment came to an end only in 1939 and now even the books of law have redeemed themselves from such barbarity.



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