There is a dreadful court, where people are dragged in front of the barbaric king. Trembling trembling, crying in mercy. The thirsty eyes of blood are set on ambush, flirting with a vicious smile. I am also dragged and thrown. The trial goes on to say, ‘My Lord, this guilty mechanic, is unable to tell where the needle’s eye should be.’ I sit on my knees, ‘My Lord, I am trying very hard day and night to find the needle’s eye. I will, but … ‘

The king halted in between and gave the decree, “Enough is enough, only 24 hours is given.” If these men could not find the eye of the needle, it should be handed over to the man-eaters. ”When the last decree had arrived, then where was the scope of the complaint? I was caught and pushed into a small laboratory. Would have done anything out of desperation? I then started searching.

Last time at the war level, a lot of thought, different experiments were done. By piercing the needle in place, saw that the right stitch is successful. The fingers bled. The merciless time was bursting at every moment. There was a pile of useless needles in the experiment. The mind stopped working as if. Later, the injured fingers could not even move. It was past, time passed. What then, I was handed over to the man-eaters, who dragged me somewhere to a secluded area. Those man-eaters tied me up. He started scaring me with his spear. For a long time there was a period of fear of the spear. When the spears pierced my body, then the horror world disappeared.

It was a dream that broke. A dream that was seen by Elias Hove, an artisan in the American city of Spencer. Soaked in sweat and traumatized, he began to wonder what the dream was? Since he was engaged to Dilozan to invent a sewing machine, he used to see sewing tools all the time. The sewing tool is the needle and the same spear as the needle. Suddenly the spears seen in the dream got their attention. How were the spears? Was there a hole in their tip? As soon as this thought came, Elias Hove got up from the bed. It was four in the morning. Immediately he entered his laboratory and pierced the tip of a needle. Tucked it into a sewing machine and tried threading it. The needle would take the thread very cleanly under the cloth and sew it up. Sewing also sparked.

Succeeded in Elias’s footsteps. When Sui got an eye, where was she going to stop. He had been looking for such a needle for the last three years. Despite all the efforts, he was not getting success. My mind started losing, then he came to dream. If they did not have that dream, if the king did not punish them in the dream, if they did not scare the public with their special spears, the sewing machine would have had to wait several years for a full needle. It was about twenty-two hundred years ago. In the era of craft revolution, clothes were being made in big factories, but the world was craving for an effective sewing machine. It is said that at that time more than 60 inventors or mechanics were engaged in trying to make such a sewing machine, but that dream, that moment, was destined to Elias Hove. Hove believed that he had a dream because of the hard struggle in life. He was fated at the age of 48 and struggled almost his entire life.

He patented the needle in the year 1846, but did not succeed in selling his machine, then moved to England from America. But there poverty surrounded him, then returned to America and saw that his needle coin stitching has started in the market. The largest sewing machine manufacturer is making a lot of silver code. He presented the claim by showing the patent. In the year 1854, he won a patent suit. It is said that he got so much money that he had become the second richest man in America. Any sewing machine or sewing needle was sold anywhere in the world, then Elias’s vault would have become bigger. Who says, that moment of the dream came to an end, the world has been roaming for a hundred and fifty years and will always roam.


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