How to make money online

How to make money

How to make make money online


This modern generation is no longer wanted to depend more on their parents for money or their needs. This article is only for those who wants to make money online without depending on others. Here we discuss ways of earning without investment. So don’t let this opportunity go from your hands read this full article, its just for you guys.


Everything requires a lot of patience and time, so here we are sharing ways of earning but they need time to get higher returns. If you have patience you will soon achieve good results with high output.

How to make money online

  1. Start with your website – Develop a website that provides services for example if you know how to develop and design websites s start giving this service o=by building a website. This way you will start getting online projects and without entering an organization you will earn a lot of experience.
  • Publishing a book – With Amazon Kindle Store, anyone even if you are a school student can make money by publishing online books with them(Amazon). You will get  60-70% of the returns from the sale of your written book.
  • Blog – Blog is simply a website that gets updated from time to time. A blog can be of poetry, essays, news, articles or even recipes. One needs to develop an interest in writing on a daily or regular basis. You can earn from blogs by connecting your blog with Google Adsense.

For more details go through or blog called Google Adsense earnings and How to write a blog.

you can go for online platforms namely WordPress, Blogspot,Wix etc for creating a blog.

  • Affiliate Marketing – By generating an online affiliate link for a product and inserting that link on your website, you can earn some amount of commission on every purchase. You need to know that for affiliate marketing you must have a website where affiliate links need to get pasted.

It is a commission based marketing.

  • YouTube online earning from videos – YouTube is one of the finest platforms for showing off your talents. If you are good at singing, or you are a teacher, or a fitness model you can earn my making videos and posting it on YouTube. You can earn money under certain conditions that are-         

1000 subscribers, 10,000 viewers and 400 watch hours.

  • Online tutoring – There are few websites that allow people to sign up and by creating accounts they can teach online and earn a huge amount of money after a few years.
  • Online notes selling – Selling your notes (subject notes) online will make you earn a handsome amount. As college students or even school students searches for it online so it is a very good option.
  • Online rewarding competitions – Enrolling yourself in any online competition with cash prizes is also a good and one of the non-refusing options. Don’t waste time start utilizing it.
  • Online selling of goods or products – Online selling of any products or goods such as video games, movies, CDs, books or novels, etc will help you in earning well at the initial stages.
  1. Freelancer – You need to identify skills inside you lets say if you write blogs or a writer you can be a freelance content writer and write content for different projects. If you love to design a website you can work as a Freelancer website designer and work on different projects.

Few websites that allow freelancer to take work and earn are – Upwork, Fiver, PeoplePerHour, Freelancer etc. You can register on these website with your details and skills and get work.


Here in this article we come across 10 ways of earning online without investment.


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