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Sony Play Station 5 (PS5 news) gaming console is now been launch with the confirmation. Sony already shared this news of the launch through E3. Gaming console PS5 could get a separate launch event.

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Introduction PS5 News

The first-come-out news about play station 5 reaches us by the developer of the game “God of war” David Jeff. He wrote in his tweet that Sony PlayStation 5 could be launched in the next four weeks.
Sony’s upcoming gaming console PS 5 logo has nothing new.

The recent logo is identical to the previous gaming console PS4 logo, with the replacement of ‘4’ with ‘5’. Jim Ryan, the president, of Sony Interactive Entertainment, wrote a blog about the hardware of the upcoming gaming console Sony PlayStation 5. Ryan states in his post that Sony’s new gaming console will be shipped with a new controller. The new controllers will be launched by Sony with tactile feedback. Earlier the company used to provide consoles with “Rumble” feedback. With this, game developers will be able to customize the haptic feedback according to the game and situation.

Along with this, adaptive triggers will also be given in the company’s new gaming controllers. The new level provides an immersion experience with new tactile feedback gaming. In this, a USB Type C port will be provided for charging. Sony will send game developers their gaming consoles in advance so that they can customize the haptic feedback of these consoles according to the game. Sony PlayStation 5 will get SSD storage and will have AMD Ryzen processor and Navi-based GPU.

PlayStation 5 has 100GB storage for physical games. Along with this, Sony has also revamped the user interfaces of the upcoming PlayStation which show real-time information in the multi-player and single-player sections.

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