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If you want to earn online via affiliate marketing this article is just for you. In this article we will talk about affiliate marketing, how to create Flipkart affiliate, how can we sell Flipkart products by generating affiliate links, and most importantly how can we earn from Flipkart Affiliate without any investment.


In this article, we will provide you with tips in order to earn or generate revenue from the Flipkart affiliate program. If you follow each step sincerely you can earn a good amount in a few months.

Before moving on, let us discuss what is Affiliate?

What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate is a type of marketing in which we promote or sell other company’s products online via affiliate link generated by you. You will get a commission based on the sale of products through your generated links which is inserted either on your website or YouTube channel.

Depending on the searches of the people, we will generate the link for those products which are highly searched. This strategy makes you earn quite a huge amount. In this way, you will earn a few percent commission on that product.

Let say, if you sell a Flipkart product for Rupees 5000, you will get a commission of a few percent.

How to create an affiliate account on Flipkart

Simply go to

Click the affiliate program from the bottom of the website of Flipkart.

Create your account by clicking join now for free.

Register yourself by providing your details.

Verify your account by clicking the link from your email as verification one.

In this way, your account is then created. Now you are ready to sell any product from Flipkart and you will get commission too. By login with your credentials enter your account and

If you just scroll the products and choose one and start selling this will not provide you with good results. Instead, you have to think and search the high demand products, find out the product whose market price is high in this way chances for generating revenue by sale of products are high.

How to find out highly searched or demanded products On Flipkart Affiliate

Login into your Flipkart affiliate account.

Overview with the commission of all the products which you want to sell.

Depending on the high price and sale offer choose the product for the sale.

Generate an affiliate link.

Post it on your Website, Instagram, Flipkart, YouTube.

For example – Finding deals of the day with the best offers and price we generate the affiliate link for power bank and insert that on our website and other platforms. Remember, having a website gives you high chances for buying the product. Keep in mind you need clicks for earning a commission.

How to reach people for clicks on the affiliate-

  1. Websites – Post your generated affiliate link on your website. You will get clicks only when your website is visible to people that having a good SEO Score.
  2. Twitter – Find the target audience for that selected products by performing a dedicated search on Twitter. Giving a reply to their tweets or sending the link is useful for getting clicks on the link.
  3. Instagram – Follow those Instagram pages and coordinate with the admin to post the link whose account or the page has great followers.
  4. Facebook – Join various groups or pages on Facebook and posting on their groups is also beneficial.


Affiliate marketing takes time to have patience and start your work with all your dedication and hard work. Focus more to earn more.


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