How to earn from E-commerce

how to earn money from E-Commerce
how to earn money from E-Commerce

How to earn from E-commerce

Nowadays the internet helps people not only in providing information but also helps in giving them ample opportunities to earn from it. Now it depends on you whether you think it utilizes it wisely or not.


In this article, we will be talking about the biggest opportunity that is E-commerce, how to earn from e-commerce, which platform is best suitable and how to sell online on digital platforms

Let us get started.

Now India’s digital population has increased over 67 Crore and active e-commerce increased to 79%. When it comes to online shopping, India is one of the top 10 Asian countries. This article will guide you to become successful in e-commerce.

What are E-commerce sites?

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  1. E-Commerce websites are those sites that involve buying and selling of goods or products on a digital platform. The graph of e-commerce due to covid-19 has accelerated and will continue to increase over coming times.
  2. Now when there is the switching of customers from offline to online in terms of selling, business needs to be switched to keeping in mind the demands of people.
  3. E-commerce is considered an easy marketing technique rather than traditional marketing.
  4. It does not involve any rental issue, no renovation neither decoration and with zero investment.
  5. You can easily find the right audience for your product online.
  6. You can easily sell your product worldwide.
  7. It involves easy payment modes (online payment).
  8. Availability of customer care makes your shopping and selling easy.

  9. Online platforms for selling your product or goods

  10. There are various platforms that allow people to sell their products online on their portal. A few of them are- Flipkart, Amazon,,,,,

  11. Now the choice is yours in choosing your favorite platform for E-commerce. Here will discuss Amazon e-commerce in this article.
  12. Why Amazon?
  13. 1.Ease of service
  14. 2.FBA
  15. For becoming an Amazon seller you need a few things that are-
  16. 1.Product – you must have your own product or goods to sell online via E-commerce. It can be any handicraft, electronics, or any other things and even you can buy from wholesale and sell it via Amazon. As nowadays more than 70 Lakhs people sell products on Amazon.
    You can even help small retailers or sellers by selling their products via E-commerce.
  17. 2.You need a GST number.
  18. 3.PAN card.
  19. 4.Bank Account for transaction

Where to register for selling

  1. Download Amazon seller central app.
  2. Create an account and Sign In with your legal name.
  3. Verify your mobile number.
  4. Fill in your tax details.

You are now good to go for selling on Amazon. From here in this app only you can also list your product and get it ready for sale by uploading good HD-Photos of your product and other necessary details. You can even manage your inventory, payments, and even replies to questions from this also.

Methods of Delivery

  1. FBA – Amazon FBA helps in serving your vision of shipment of products with ease. It involves product management as well as product delivery. You can send a limited amount of your products to Amazon inventory so at the time of delivery your role ended here and the delivery role is played further by Amazon itself and you will get your share on every delivery.
  2. Amazon easy ship – Another method of delivery of products is Amazon easy ship. This involves your product to get it packed by yourself and is handed over to an Amazon delivery boy which then further deliver your product.
  3. Amazon self-ship – In this, you will receive an order, you will handle the delivery of the product and payment also.

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