Hardware and software required for creating blogs- How to Become Full time Blogger


Software and Hardware required to become an Blogger

Writing a Blog in a theory is not a big deal. All you need an Good hosting provider, an computer or laptop with an Domain name to give your blog an Brand name.That is looking simple right?. Now , listen if you are doing Blogging as a timepass you can create a free blog on site like WordPress, but if you want to become an full time blogger , cheap software and hardware will not help you. Read the given blog carefully for the perfect knowledge of blogging.

Expandability is very Important

Do not start with an free hosting or a free site using Web 2.0 sites. All of us know if you want to earn you have to invest. Similarly, if you want to earn from blogging you have to drive good traffic to your site, for this you have to invest in good softwares and hardware . First step is to find an good hosting package with high level of storage space.

Hardware required

Once you have an good traffic on your site, your blog will require its own server. Page loading speed is very essential for SEO and after all if your blog load in more time people will leave it and Google surely penalize your site.

Buy a good spped Laptop with high GB of RAM AND ROM . Otherwise, just try to increase the memory of your old Laptop or computer to have a good working speed without any hang.

If you love to add Podcasts in your blogs, try to purchase good quality Microphones and a HD camera. The more of your budget the more better picture quality you can get with just the purchase. It will help you to get traffic from high end mobile phones with high refresh rates.

Software Required

The main software required for starting Bloggers is Mailchimp and other same kind of email marketing softwares it will help you to drive more traffic at of no cost. Once you get paid well you can purchase the paid version or paid plugins to do well in this field.

Have a faith and confidence in yourself and keep in mind how much you are earning after that try to invest in software and hardwares alright.

Frequently asked questions

Who is the author of launch book The Ballad of blogging?

Answer: Shashi tharoor


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