Carrie Ann Inaba Tested Positive For Covid-19
Carrie Ann Inaba Tested Positive For Covid-19

Carrie Ann Inaba was giving an update on her condition, The ‘Dancing With the Stars judge ’ says that corona virus still found a path to enter her body . However, she was living under an very safe environment and was following every protocol of Government.

Carrie Ann Inaba Tested Positive For Covid-19- Know Her Message

Webreedigito- Carrie Ann Inaba shared some advice for the help of people after tested positive for corona virus. An update on her health condition, Carrie Ann Inaba Tested Positive For Covid-19 ‘Dancing With the Stars judge ’ give a friendly reminder to her social media fans and followers and some close Americans to stay safe at this Covid-19 pandemic.

On 10 th of December the 52 year old last confirmed on Instagram by saying some words.”Hey everyone, it’s me. I just want you all to come see and know that I have just tested positive for COVID-19. So I’m home alone , and I’m following the full guidelines provided by the doctor’s. I spoke with our representative. I have a fever, a bad cough, and lots of aches and pains”.

After sharing the clips, Carrie notified her followers that.” I am following all the rules and regulations which is very strict now days in our place. Even than corona virus caught me. A friendly reminder to all off my well wishers to stay home,take care of every small symptom, wear mask, sanitize your hands a lot, and just take care of your self more and more as you do not want to get this pandemic.

After the good points Carrie insured that she is taking good care of her self and will be fine soon. So, do not worry about her and please be safe at home.

Earlier that Day , Carrie’s close partner as well as co-host in the show Sheryl Underwood made the Carrie corona virus report public on her show ” The Talk“. Breaking news that day, audience on the Thursday episode after not seeing Carrie along with her ask question to Sherly, she replied “As you can see, Carrie Ann is not here with us today. She found out this morning that she tested positive for COVID-19”.So, let us pray for her full recovery.

Sherly also said that the Sharon Osbourne self quarantined himself due to contact with someone having coronavirus.

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