New sneaker model by Michael Jordan and J Balvin launch

New sneaker model by Michael Jordan
New sneaker model by Michael Jordan

Impressive new sneaker model will be launch with collaboration of Michael Jordan and J Balvin launch | As Possible

After the good performance in the Game Super Bowl, news got leak that the commercial launch of new sneaker model of the Jordan edition Of J Balvin, an extra ordinary collaboration out of the world will be launch soon and definitely will sell out quickly.

Nowdays, reggaeton with a no doubt has become an essential component of daily life of all people and J Balvin one of the reason for this from past several years. J Balvin recently announced an surprise for his million of fans and Instagram followers, an ally with Michael Jordan and going to launch a new impressive model of sneakers.

New sneaker model by Michael Jordan: Name

Air Jordan 1 J Balvin” is the name given to the new tennis shoes , which look similar to the singer used in 2020 Super Bowl show, in which the famous singer’s Jennifer Lopez and Shakira invited him.

In the past, through the reggaetonero’s social platforms, this news has been leaked, at that time he was only thinking that these new pair is only for him, but now the situation is something different as you can see too.

This new footwear which attracted many people all over the Globe , now will be on sale all over the world. On the other end, this shoes will come in a wide range of colors, including, red , blue ,black, orange,white,etc.This color theme choosed to represent the energy transmited through reggaeton player and along with it match to his most recent music” Colores”.

All of you know that the pre sale has been out, however, the sale for which all of you is waiting will begin very soon. Air Jordan 1 J Balvin, which join the legend of NBA Michael Jordan with one of the most good singers in the world.


The official price of these tennis shoes is mentioned as dollar 190 as well as $ 3,800 pesos, so according to me try to save your money to buy these new pair of sneakers.


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