How to get YouTube subscribers in 2021

how to get youtube subscribers

If you own a YouTube channel then it is very important for you to have a good amount of subscribers else you won’t find any good results. If there will be no subscribers then there will be no more views, no more watching hours, and ultimately no handsome amount of earning. Just read the full blog about How to get YouTube Subscribers.


In this article, we will be talking about How to get a YouTube subscriber, basically how to get more subscribers for your YouTube channel.
Let us get started

How to increase subscribers

  1. Manage your YouTube settings properly.
  2. Asking your audience to subscribe to your channel.
  3. Upload your videos at a regular interval of time.
  4. Mention your next coming video in your present uploaded videos.
  5. Always use a good attractive thumbnail for YouTube videos.
  6. Start making your audience friends by replying to their comments and solving their problems.
  7. Insert your videos on websites to get more reach and audience, this will help in gaining more subscribers and views.
  8. Think as per playlist as they usually attract an audience.
  9. Your YouTube description is engaging as well as easily understood by users.
  10. YouTube video title must be a good keyword so that easily understood by the audience.
  11. Share your videos among WhatsApp groups, Facebook, and also everywhere on social platforms.
  12. Celebrate your more subscribers.
  13. Use the catchy keywords for your videos.
  14. Make your videos engaging.
  15. Partner with other YouTube channels.


If you follow all 15 steps no one will stop you to gain more and more subscribers for your videos.
Another method for raising your YouTube subscribers

  1. Sin up on
  2. Type your channel ID.
  3. Password and then create an account.

The basic plan for free subscribers – if you click on the basic plan then in 12 hours you can get 5 subscribers for free.
You can get 10 subscribers daily on slicking starter.


Everything takes time and this will too, be patient and wait for your time. Hope we have solved all your problems and concluded the best solution for you.


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