The viral trend going these days on social media app TikTok is what does body count mean? which is basically a counting of someone body. But what it’s real meaning.

If you are using Tiktok from a while then you must be aware of some weird Trends or viral prank’s. In fact, if you have seen someone asking another person about his/her body

It is a trend but HTC do not recommend to ask your mom or teacher about this question as of this is an very personal topic.

Defination: What Does Body Count Mean or What is a body count

Google this term and you will find that the body count is common use for the how many people died in a family or in an war in an certain time. It is an feeling .

However, this meaning not at all match with TikTok.

According to TikTok stars, the body count refers to how many people a person had attachment in past. A strong relation.

Why the trend is criticised by the Company

This 2020 Trend is all about stopping public and asking them about how many people they have attached in past. This is extremely bad and make strangers feel awkward and uncomfortable .

However, people who were aware about this trend seems it cool and do not get bothered with the TikToker who asked them the question.

All of it depends on the nature of Human you met. Sometimes, it will be cool but on the other end, also have consequences.


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