What is the make of a car? Difference between Car Make and Model

What is the make of a car?

The make of a car is the brand of the auto vehicle, while the Model refers to the name of the product and most of the times it tells the range of the autovehicle.

For example , Toyato is a Car make and Fortuner is a product Model. The rate of the vehicle depends on its make, model number, launch year, type of autovehicle, etc.

Difference between same Model of Cars

Cars of the same Model can be different in looks , type of body, trim level. So, only knowing the model is not enough to identify its correct price . You can only identify the Cartype when you know:

  1. Insurance date
  2. Registered date
  3. Buying date

What is Body style?

Now, the Car’s make launch different type of body style cars , which identify the shape of Car .How it will look? Manufactures might be able to launch a single car model with different body types.

Some of the Famous body style:

  1. Hatchback
  2. Convertible
  3. Coupe
  4. Wagon
  5. Sedan
  6. SUV

What is the make of a car Model year?

The model year is the most important thing to differentiate between model and make. The make of product is the date when the car is manufactured while the model of the car does not can be the same as per the manufactured year.

For example you can purchase the 2021 year model product in late 2020 that what it means before the start of the year you can urchase that year model product

How to differentiate car makes of the same company

As you can see Toyato motor corp. have three different makes, including Toyota, Lexus and Scion. Company can manufacture different vehicles.

Whenever someone ask you to tell aout make of your product , kindly provide the car’s brand name.

For example: Even your Scion is developed by Toyota it is bad to say that the make of car is Toyota Corp. .

Reason behind the different Brand name is that sometimes big companies merge with other auto manufactures to bring a new update in their product . For example, Buick and Chevrolet is acquired by General Motors Corp. before that both of them were alone manufactures.


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