How to make a Facebook Post Shareable ? Shareable Facebook post

how to make a facebook post shareable
how to make a facebook post shareable

In today world social media platform like Facebook become a huge knowledge sharing platform. Now, the question arrives how to make a Facebook post shareable if their is no share button below it.There are so many reason behind no share button on Facebook posts of people. The problem can only be solve by you or the person who posted.

How to make a post shareable on Facebook

If one of your friend on Facebook message you and say that i can not able to share your post. The solution behind this go to your privacy settings and make sharing possible.Facebook privacy setting control every aspect on your account from giving access to see your photos to who can share your posts.

Steps to make Post shareable

Go to the post you want to enable share button on ,then click on the “Privacy” icon next to it. Now , two option will arrive one is “Friends” and second one “Public”. If you want friends can access share button on your post choose “Friends” or choose “Public” if you want to give access to public .

What about Future Posts ?

You can change your settings for your future posts just by going on settings at right corner then go on privacy settings. Their will be a option ” who can see your future posts” choose the “Friends” option to enable sharing button on your future posts.

This will help you to get more likes and comments on your post as sharing help more people to see your post.

how to make a post shareable from Friends

There is no technique to share a post of your friend if he choose not to share in his/her privacy settings. If you do not see a share button below the post than understand that your friend locked his profile. You can not share his post. On the other end, you can ask your friend to enable share button on the post so you can able to share post.

How to share posts from Groups

Sharing posts from the Facebook Group depends on the type of Group either it is private or public, if the group is public you can share the post to anyone even if you not joined the group but if it is private you can only share the post to the members of group.


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