How to enable Reddit night mode ( dark mode)

How to enable reddit night mode
How to enable reddit night mode

I know everyone of us love dark mode, now here are some tips on how to enable Reddit dark mode for Android. If you use Reddit then this dark mode tip is very essential for you to work at night on your iPhone, Android. How to turn it on:

Reddit call “Night mode” an dark mode. The settings for the website version and mobile app version are the same. First step is to login on whichever platform you want to then follow given steps

Enable Reddit night mode on Website

On the Reddit website , login to access your profile. After login, click on the profile avatar in the top right corner and then select the ” night mode” button to enable night mode or Dark mode on website.

Night mode will instantly take place and show you enabled sign. If you logout from the device and try to login on any other device the night mode will appear automatically.

Enable Reddit night mode on Android app

Download the Reddit application from any app store,then open the app and login with your credentials. On the Reddit app, click your profile avatar and then you will see a half moon shaped sign on the bottom right . Click on that.

Night mode will instantly on and you will experience a new look. It will stay un till you turn it off manually. If you try to uninstall application and re-install it as soon as you login you will see Night Mode enabled.


The above given tricks are used to enable Reddit night mode on any platform. If you will get confused on any step just write down the comment and i will reply you soon with the explanation. Reddit is getting famous these day’s . To protect your eye’s when you work on it at night surely, enable the dark mode.


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