How to enable snapchat dark mode for Android
How to enable snapchat dark mode for Android

The main question arrives in 2020. Can we Get to see Snapchat night mode for Android? Dark mode/ night mode on Smart devices can be access by phone in built eye-protect feature or you can download several apps to get access on night mode. If you are boor with old visual style and want to try new different background read the blog carefully. How to get dark mode on Snapchat for Android or iPhone 2020.

How to enable Snapchat dark mode on iPhone?

If we talk about official tricks , there is no dark mode on Snapchat on iPhone. However, there are many different ways from which you can access the dark mode on your Smartphone Snapchat with including invert Of iPhone colors. The technique require a jail break to your iPhone, which is not good according to us.You can do it on your own risk.

Official tips to invert colors:

1.Turn on inverted colors

  1. GO into settings
  2. General
  3. Accessibility
  4. Display Accommodations
  5. Invert Colors
    7.Choose What you want “Smart Invert” or “Classic Invert”
    8.Color invert will invert all the colors on apps, not just on Snapchat.

Do not worry it will not harm your iPhone. I hope that soon the Apple official team will add dark mode . For now, do the above steps and you can access dark mode on all application installed in your iPhone. Try if you can find any other way which do not break Apple’s term and condition.

How to enable Snapchat night mode on Android?

For Android also there is no Official dark mode for Snapchat. You can access dark mode by downloading some third party application that can help to tweak Snapchat. However, the technique you use will be on your risk.

Steps to get night mode on Snapchat:

First step is to download third party application:

1.Download and install the app Substratum from Google
2.Go to the app and choose the theme you like

  1. Download and install other app Blue Light Filter
  2. Helps to reduce blue light comes from on your phone, making it easier to use and read in the dark
  3. Select your phone to night mode
    6.Turn on Dark Mode in Android 10
    6.1 Settings
    6.2 Display
    6.3 Dark Theme
    6.4 Turn on or off the mode

I hope, enabling dark mode on your Android 10 will change Snapchat theme from white to black without forcing phone from installing third party apps. Just same like the iPhone trick , Snapchat will look different.

Friendly advice

For both iPhone and Android forcing to change Snapchat theme with an third party application can lead to a ban. I recommend you to wait for the official mode . However, you can reduce brightness to not get affected through blue light up to an official announcement.


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