How to start a travel blog
How to start a travel blog

Today blog is all about to make traveler earn a pretty good amount from their own travel website. The blog is about how to start a travel blog and make money from it. he first thing is you should have an interest in travelling which will help you to write a good blog about travel. Let us start ….

How to start a Travel blog in 2021

If you do travel as an profession or as well as hobby , it is easy for you to start an travel blog. To set up an website it take less than 30 minutes. In 2021 you will get amazing website builder platforms which will help you to make website easier. All you need to have a good content to publish with amazing pictures. Here are some steps for you to build a website in 2021.

  1. Pick a domain name to your website which describe your website on Google.
  2. Sign up for a hosting account of your choice which will help to do all back end works .
  3. Install any website builder on your C panel . I recommend you to choose WordPress.
  4. Set up your website after installing WordPress . Install a good theme which is the look of your site.
  5. Create the pages on your site . About which you want to write.

That is all you created a good website .Now you need a good knowledge about how to earn from travel blogs. I am using many techniques to earn from blogs. Below are the tips on how to earn…

How to earn money with an Travel : Top Tips in 2021

You all have heard about earning from selling links to the different niches and charging theme little amount of money. After, attending some influencer speech i got a new motivation for earning well.

Now days the game has totally changed, want to know how is it possible to make money with travel blog in 2021?

Read the following tips to earn more of blog:-
  1. Give freelance writers a platform to showcase in their resume

I have earned many dollars by just giving freelance letter some space in my website to show their upcoming clients a better resume. At starting no one will pay you but after long time you will get a name and can charge money of your choice.

They will pay because a publication will see your blogs and give work to the freelancer for getting good views.

  1. Join affiliate marketing

It is never late to join affiliate . But keep in mind to choose a good affiliate networks. You have to choose product by your own which can sell in your surroundings.

Some of the platforms:

1 Amazon
2. CJ
3. Rakuten
4. Groupon
5. Etsy

  1. Place ads

Ads earning is the best method to earn an good amount nut all you need to drive a good amount of traffic. Ad revenue is all based on traffic , the good network require atleast 50k visit per month on your blogs.

I know you are thinking that ad will run on any where which make you are site look bad.However, from my personal experience my visitors will be happy to see that i am making money.

Thank you for reading the blog just comment down if you have any queries or need any help i will get back to you soon.


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