Best food and travel website
Best food and travel website

If you are here then most probably you are finding some good food and travel website. If you are interested in reading the lifestyle or different type of food blogs then i got some special sites for you love to read . However, read the blog carefully and have fun. I also love travelling and food as much as you like and also help my readers to find some compensation in their flights.

Let’s Get started with amazing food and travel website bloggers

Legal Nomads by Jodi Ettenberg

If you worrying about the name then let me explain you the story behind it:-

Jodi Ettenberg was an lawyer at past. But after that she is used to become a blogger and started sharing her adventures travel through food.

If you are following her blog, she is the solo female traveler who is an inspiration to upcoming blogger’s which can follow her steps to become successful in life.She teach many good lesson of life.

As she was celiac, Jodi had to face extra amount of stress during the Travel, as well as always love to find a free meal. She also have an diet chart to follow for a travel which help you in a healthy trip.

Bucket List Journey by Annette

Annette is not only famous woman for winning award with a travel blog Bucket list journey but also an author of “Bucket List Adventures”.

She also used to be a partner of an restaurant in California named Sugo Trattoria, an Italian restaurant inspired by the wine and traditionally recipes of an family.

As you can guess , the adventurer is specialist in food. Checkout her blog about top 30 things that a foodie should do to find more loving things about her. She not even suggest you food but also provide you a way to reach out destination .Undoubtedly she is awesome

Migrationology by Mark Wiens

Do you ever book an flight just to eat something extraordinary? No right but Mark Wiens actually do the same.

The full time traveler is one of the most famous food and travel website blogger. He right amazing experience about his life in his site.

Migrationology is full of delicious food recommendation. Do not worry about your taste, the suggestion by him is the best food you can ever find in a tour. Just mark the steps given by him and eat healthy food during flight to hotel everywhere.


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