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Are you in search of finding the latest news about Whatsapp new policy, Then you are in the right place? Given is the information about WhatsApp rolled out payments in India and many other countries. I got surprised to hear about this.

Note: WhatsApp’s new privacy policy includes that when a user uses” third-party services or other product from Facebook, then those third party services can receive information about what you share with them.”

Explained Whatsapp new Privacy Policy

The company updated its terms and condition which indirectly tell us how the messaging data, will be used by its parent company Facebook. Users can accept this policy till February 8, 2021, or can delete their account.

Know What to keep in mind before taking any action.

Why accept this policy?

As you know most of the applications update their terms and condition occasionally. The company updating its privacy policy is not anymore new. This is only a type of practice in order to keep using them, every time you accept a new policy. This time there is a deadline to accept the new policy or delete your account.

What is Important in Whatsapp privacy policy update?

The older version says that “Respect for your privacy is coded into your DNA”. Since we started Whatsapp, we keep privacy as our priority.”

These lines are no longer part of the new update. As Whatsapp is end-to-end encrypted that means no one can see your messages, or can not share them with anyone. But it will help Facebook other products in an advertisement.

How the update will help Facebook Other Product?

This is clear that the new update can use your video player to play content from the third-party program you use. However, the update says that third-party services or other Facebook products can receive user information about what you share with others.

WhatsApp explains that when users accept this policy, information such as IP address in fact that you use the product may be provided to other Facebook company product.

Remember in mind, whenever you use some app to backup your files, then you allow them to access their files as well. So nothing to worry about WhatsApp is just updating itself for sharing data when user use some third party integrations


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