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Signal over WhatsApp App? WhatsApp Again Changed Policy Said It will not give Data To Facebook after increased searches Of signal app and Telegram

After an Increase in many rumors and a decrease in users of WhatsApp. The company tried to Fallout over a new policy update that WhatsApp will not share any of your private things to Facebook. However, When the company faced that people using Signal over WhatsApp they published an FAQ page on their website.

What is in Whatsapp FAQ page ?

The company published that there is no risk to user private messages in the new privacy policy updates. The issue is related to the line on new privacy policy update that WhatsApp will share data to their other products like Facebook and Instagram and which will take place on February 8th. However, no one wants that their sensitive data will get spread worldwide.

The company said that all the rumors are a lie- the update has nothing like customers are thinking off and instead this update is designed for a business person who can save logs on Facebook servers. After previewing the upcoming changes, WhatsApp feels required to show it in the privacy policy.

Why people choosed Signal Over WhatsApp ?

The misinformation spread on social media very soon, Facebook faced a loss due to this miscommunication that as a result many users chose to install new applications.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk also took part in this loss of Facebook, he tweeted ” use Signal”. A number of more than 42 million followers made it a controversy which in a result Signal took place in the most downloaded apps on Apple. Telegram owners also faced a huge amount of users within 72 hours.

Note: Telegram surpassed 500 million active users. 38 percent of them are Asian.

WhatsApp workers, currently working on to get back to the track after facing huge loss


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