Best Top Most Expensive thing on Amazon to purchase in 2021


Since we all now came up from a bad year 2020. It makes sense that you should do some expense right now and i got some most expensive thing on amazon you should purchase in 2021.

Before purchasing any of the product kindly see all the products maybe you would like to change your mind.

Most Expensive thing on Amazon list :

Dracula 1931 original movie poster( $1,250,000)


If you are too fan of old movies like me and a good taste in decor more than recent movie posters.Amazon has an amazing product for you. The old 1931 Dracula movie original poster which is famous because of great Bela Lugosi, who worked in a film of Bram Stoker’s.

2.Antique Octagon Shaped Indian Hand-Knotted Wool Carpet from 1880

The old style Indian beauty comes with free shipping. The great green color with an ivory look on it. If you purchase it at the cost of $350,000 i think you should not plan to wipe your feets .

3.Greubel Forsey Black Dial Mens Watch with Double Balancier

Do you ever heard of an art which you can wear also? yes it is possible with this watch. This watch made with an Hnad-winding process features 18k of red gold case wround it.The black open work dial looks very pretty around the brown alligator strap. If you buy it, you will get watch papers and 15 month of warranty, according to the seller on Amazon. However, there are only 33 watches in world.

Michael Jordan original signed Rookie card


I can bet you that you never thought of this.According to the Amazon this fleer from old 1986 rookie card is named as an world most famous Michael Jordan rookie card. It will cost you around $62,499.

According to the post, Michael jordan single handedly changed mind of rookie card collectors to start collecting basketball cards instead of baseball.


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