Fortnite update 15.21 Predator skin Boss and Many more 2021

Fortnite update

If you are an old Webreedigito blog reader you will understand we like to write the reality not some kind of click baits like others. Today, I got some interesting things about Fortnite Update 15.21 which will make Gamers happy.


A Fortnite new update went live last Tuesday and with it Predator the most loving update has fully invaded in Battle Royale mode. The previous known Avatars like Master chief, Michonne, and Kratos got a new presence which is an invisible beat with a boss look skin.
According to the official Epic Games source here are some key notes you can expect.

Fortnite Update 15.21 special Patch Notes

New Character with Mythic item

The new Character Predator is added with a new boss look, and he owns a mythic item drop feature when you defeat him. This allows the player a 30 second time-lapse in which he will be invisible and can be a cooldown for almost 30 seconds.

New Jungle hunter Quest Fortnite

To get the skin in-game a remainder has been set for the players which gonna be live soon. In this you will get a chance to unlock this latest Predator skin, its weapon wrap, The new Back bling emote, and many more. If you eagerly want that skin you have to defeat The Predator.

IO Guards removed from Arena

The most requested update has come while the competitive player faces an irritating or frustrating moment in the game. The Fortnite now removed IO guards.

Fortnite Important Bug Fix

  1. Temporarily disabled Sand Tunneling
  2. Billboards functioning improved which is necessary

Note: Fortnite 15.21 is a very small update but also the most awaited update just because of the new plenty of items and character The Predator. However, Predator is not the main concern, the attractive report from the past suggests that you can easily get the upcoming character and skins. The main reason is you can defeat him while it was heading towards you with a strong force, listening to its music, and then shooting every invisible blur enemy coming towards your direction. Choose Wolverine before it which helps you to get a perfect heigh for the shoot.


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