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If you use a Mac computer, then you probably know how aggravating it can be to turn off notifications on your computer. The various types of notifications that you have on your desktop, including alerts from email, IMs, social networking sites, and so forth can oftentimes be difficult to turn off or just delete altogether.

 While it may be true that you can go into the system settings and change the browser settings so that none of these notifications appear on your desktop or laptop screen, doing so can be tricky and requires a lot of attention. Fortunately, there are some easy ways to turn off notifications on your Mac operating system, which will prevent the pesky notifications from appearing at all.

How to turn off notifications on macOS Big Sur:

The first thing that you need to do to turn off notifications on your Mac is to go into the system settings of your Mac and make sure that the No Activity button is visible. Once you click this button, you will see several options for the browser that is available. Some people prefer to turn off notifications for chat rooms or other special kinds of online services, and for these people, there is a simple way to deal with the notifications. If you want to turn off chat notifications or a similar service.

 you can simply close the chat window while you are browsing the web.

  1.  If you would rather leave the chat open, you can simply move the mouse to one of the closed windows and then start typing.
  3. Another option to turn off notifications on your Mac is to set your browser to private mode.
  4. With this option, all messages are hidden from your computer’s notification center and won’t appear on your desktop or laptop screen.
  5. This option is particularly useful for those who frequently use social networking sites and would rather limit who can contact them on their Mac operating system.
  6. While this method does keep important contacts from popping up on your screen.
  7. it can also keep emails and text messages from being sent to your Mac while you are away from the computer,
  8.  so you might need to turn this setting off if you regularly send messages to people you do not have an email with.

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To conclude, we would like to say, that notifications really irritate us. Because it doesn’t have time. However, you can turn the notification off on macOS Big Sur using the above-mentioned steps.



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