Covid 3 wave
Covid 3 wave

The deadly corona virus was put to the test in the year 2020. People believed that at the end of  2020, the world will get free from the Covid-19, but this did not happen in India.

In the year 2021, a second wave of corona struck, wreaking havoc on the youngsters. The number of individuals killed in the second wave of covid-19 has also risen significantly, according to experts.

Why are children at risk?

Experts believe so when Corona makes its third appearance in the country, youngsters will be the most vulnerable to the virus. Most adults in the nation will have had the first dose of the covid-19 vaccination by the time the third wave comes, making them safer than youngsters.

Why aren’t kids getting vaccinated?

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Only persons above the age of 16 have been given the corona vaccination. As a result, the World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that children under the age of 16 should not get this vaccination at this time. Despite the fact that children are at the biggest risk of corona, WHO has stated that children should not be vaccinated.

According to paediatrician Dr Pawan Kumar of Fortis Hospital in Vasant Kunj, any vaccination is tested before being introduced. Currently, the Covid-19 vaccination study is only being conducted on adults and older persons, therefore they are being vaccinated.

According to Dr. Pawan Kumar, the corona vaccine has not yet been tested on children, hence it is not presently being given to children, and the corona had little effect on children previously. That is why the corona vaccination had not yet been tested on children by the researchers.

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Now that the second wave of corona has reached youngsters, the requirement for vaccination testing and use has grown for them as well.

When will the third corona wave arrive?

America is one of the countries most hit by the corona virus. The third wave arrived in this nation around two and a half months after the second wave, and there were more deaths than previously.

There is now a chance that this will happen in India. According to analysts, the second wave has yet to reach its climax in the country, despite the fact that many people have died. Consider what will happen when the second wave reaches its apex, and how will innocent youngsters deal with the even more terrible third wave.

Vaccination needs to be boost up

Experts predict the third wave will be more harmful since the immunity built against Covid-19 among the afflicted at this time would have worn out by then. There is only one method to ensure that a broad population is vaccinated by November, reducing the corona’s effectiveness. He claims that a small-scale action plan and increased immunization rates are needed to speed up the process Its successful execution is required. As the second wave comes to a halt, we must devise an effective regulatory approach. In order to limit the number of sick and dying people. The laboratories set up in the districts will need to be made more efficient in terms of screening and isolating persons.



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