Business worth crores made from shoes shop

There was not a huge amount in the pocket, but the intention was strong. With this strong intention, Satya Prasad Roy Burman started the business at the age of...

Sanskruti Wankhede – Want to be grand master

She was three years old when Papa brought her chess. This toy was somewhat different than a doll or a teddy bear. At first glance, he did not like...

Warren Buffett – Immense happiness hidden in small things

During school days he used to sell newspapers. Newspaper earnings easily eased his upper expenses. At the age of 11, he made his first investment. The game of stock...

Baji Rao Ballal Bhatt – Great Maratha warrior

Our motherland has given innumerable heroes, who are not fascinated by any introduction, but there are some brave heroes among them, whom the world considers brave. We have not...

Rosa Parks – When Colour made her cry

The world of colors is unique and every color is unique, but alas, then there was a big cry of colors in the human world. Colors did not distinguish...

Robert Downey Jr. – American actor

As long as life is in your grip, everything is fine, but if it goes under the grip of a drug, then it is not your well. You will...


Sharon Osbourne COVID-19 positive ? Sharon is recovering from COVID-19

Sharon Osbourne a personality from American -British TV has tested positive for the pandemic COVID-19 .This news is totally confirmed from her...