Success Story

Warren Buffett – Immense happiness hidden in small things

During school days he used to sell newspapers. Newspaper earnings easily eased his upper expenses. At the age of 11, he made his first investment. The game of stock...

Rosa Parks – When Colour made her cry

The world of colors is unique and every color is unique, but alas, then there was a big cry of colors in the human world. Colors did not distinguish...

Baji Rao Ballal Bhatt – Great Maratha warrior

Our motherland has given innumerable heroes, who are not fascinated by any introduction, but there are some brave heroes among them, whom the world considers brave. We have not...

Andrew Jackson – 7th President of the United States

There was no one in the world except mother. Every moment the mother was waiting, not knowing when she will return, how nice it will be. It was during...

Robert Downey Jr. – American actor

As long as life is in your grip, everything is fine, but if it goes under the grip of a drug, then it is not your well. You will...

Elias Howe – Sewing machine inventor

There is a dreadful court, where people are dragged in front of the barbaric king. Trembling trembling, crying in mercy. The thirsty eyes of blood are set on ambush,...

Leo Tolstoy – That punishment-a-death did not stop the chase

We are engaged in civilizations. In these centuries countless drops of blood, sweat and tears have come, only then has the strong stream of humanity gone. In such a...
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Online Casino CEO Fired After a 46 Million Rupees Mistake

If you are seeking to earn money for your survival and you are not happy with your earnings then this article is for you. Let us...


How to earn from E-commerce

How to earn from E-commerce Nowadays the internet helps people not only in providing information but also helps...