For what reasons Content marketing is important for Website ?


 For what reasons Content marketing is important for Website ?What is Content marketing?

Content marketing is the technique to make a content to target crowd or audience. Content is the best way to accumulate client attention that helps in increasing lead. content is the type of data that can be utilized to share or distribute in various forms like infographics, video, news, emails, case studies, blogs or content. Content is the information in such forms proven good for generating traffic on website by catching audience attention. Content marketing is a sort of advertising which is done by making and sharing valuable content in order to accumulate clients. In simple terms, marketing of your business, brands or organization via content is termed as content marketing that ultimately helps in gaining customers attention.

 Major keypoints for content marketing

1- Convenient – the content must be convenient or healthy so that it is actaully useful for user or audience.

2- Type of content plays an important role- content in form of infographics, vedios, text or banners matters a lot.

3- Generate the type of content which is attractive and eye catching. Make it attractive by placing images, vedios in between the texts.

4-Issue or publish- This includes publishing the content which is either in form of graphics, vedios, or text. but only this is not enough , sharing of your content is as important..

5-Promote- Sometimes paid promotions needs to be be done for gaining more traffic mostly in stratups, small business etc.

The role of social media in content marketing

social media includes various social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest etc. For local business Facebook plays a vital role in gaining local audiences near us while for building professional network with organization LinkedIn  plays an important role or for making connections globally or representing your brand internationally switching to twitter is the best formula. rather than presenting or publishing information fully in text, switching to vedios proves good for gaining audience attention as it is considered as a easy means to understand. Even now a days posting vedios on youtube by creating official channel on it is also one of the best way to convert your business into brand.

Wikipedia and Blogger are the best social platforms for text or documented marketing. Posting content on wikipedia or bloggers helps in presenting content to the user in impressive means. Thing to note- only posting content on your social media account does not gives you good revenue but sharing the content or blog generates high revenue.

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