Apple logoApple logo

How did the apple brand logo become and why is it sliced apple?

How did the apple brand logo become and for what reason is it cut apple? When the name of the organization 'Apple' comes in the image, it's (logo) is cut....

Dharam Pal Gulati – How did this fourth pass boy from Pakistan become the...

If you have seen the MDH spice add on TV, then you must have also seen Dharam Pal Gulati. Yes, same grandfather. Dharmapala, known as the King of Spices,...
Microsoft Laptop Surface Go

Microsoft launching Surface Laptop Go

Good news for Laptop users from Microsoft is provided, Microsoft is launching two new Laptops in the Market, one is budget-friendly while the other one is the premium version...
Acer Swift 3

Acer Swift 3 Review, Specification And Price

The coming generation is all about the technological advancement and one such spectacular innovation is of LAPTOPS . Now a days almost everyone uses one and has become an...
MI smart speaker

Xiaomi Launched MI smart speaker with Google assistant in India

The Company Xiaomi decided to start the sale of Mi smart speaker with Google assistant from the upcoming date 1st October 2020 in India, buyers can only buy the...
Samsung New M Series

Samsung Upcoming Two “M” series smartphones

The company Samsung announced to launch soon two Galaxy M series smartphones this year. According to the Samsung report I studied, the company is working hard on the new...

Privacy control tips Revealed by Amazon for Alexa

Amazon the Tech Giant revealed tips related to privacy control for the customers who own Alexa to control their home smart devices. At the same time,...
Android TV

Android TV New Updates Coming Soon

Introduction After updating Android for mobiles now Google has confirmed that Android 11 soon be available on Tv. It is a confirmed report from Google...
Review one plus 8 pro

Review Oneplus 8 Pro

Introduction Did you know which phone is Launched with the winning of Best android Title? Yes, you all guessing right our own Oneplus 8 pro....